New Reconnaissance Drones Monitor the location of 
Wildfires and other Disasters

DART provides situational awareness directly from reconnaissance drones to key personnel, in the field, and in headquarters. 

Intaero is partnered with Drone Tools (click), a Spanish company, who have developed a range of heavy-duty, endurance, drones. The reconnaissance drones are designed to operate in the turbulent and challenging air above a wildfire and monitor the situation on the ground.

Their products include a gimbal-mounted sensor that maps the extent of a wildfire or flood. This provides a data stream, integrated into DART, which in turn delivers the gathered intelligence directly to decision makers.

What drones are used in fighting forest fires? How can UAVs be used to provide actionable information to firefighters?

In the hard hit, arid regions of the South of Spain, climate change is drying out the natural forests over the summer months, leading to increased number of forest fires and making them harder to put out. 

The following drones have been tried and tested over the past four years, every year our partners improve their technology; consolidating the lessons learnt whilst mapping out active fires and registering burnt areas.
Condor and Minicondor are heavy-duty, battery powered VTOL drones with payloads between 3 – 5 Kg and endurance approximately 60 minutes. All drones are waterproof and dust-proof and easily transportable.
VTOL - Vertical Take Off and Landing
This is a long-range, reconnaissance drone which combines the versatility of vertical take-off and the long range / long endurance of a fixed-wing drone. The drone has a speed of 120 km/h, and endurance of up to 6 hours.
Hybrid RPA - Remotely Piloted Aircraft
This drone uses a petrol motor to power a generator and recharge the battery during flight. This drone was specifically developed for the Andalusian wildfire agency in Spain. The drone has an endurance of up to 3 hours.
Falcon Gimbal
The Falcon gimbal incorporates incorporates an HD camera, an infrared camera, and proprietary software for geo-referencing and tracking objects on the ground in real time. 

This advanced gimbal is remote controlled using a separate command station. It allows the operator to define fire lines around a major fire or a flood and mark out spot fires or people who need rescuing.

Discover how reconnaissance drones gather intelligence over a forest fire, to improve the safety of forest fire fighters on the ground.

The drones carry visual and infra-red cameras and use proprietary technology to map the extent of a fire, flood or earthquake or mark the location of people needing rescuing.

Rather than send images or videos over low bandwidth, off-grid, radios, the gimbal plots data points to mark the edge of the fire and specific hot spots.
UAV reconnaissance drones for forest fires wildfires and aerial intelligence GPS tracking
real time information on the location of a forest fire UAV reconnaissance drones
This data is immediately sent to DART, which inputs the geo-referenced data files and, in the case of a wildfire, displays them as a “fire-line” at a specific time. 

DART then integrates the drone intelligence with all the other available data streams, to provide real time situational awareness and a visual overview.

This data is distributed by DART Net to show the commander and his team the progression of a fire over time. That enables them to position their people and equipment for best effect, and preempt danger.
This technology has many benefits, including:

• Real time geolocation, mapping out and tracking the progression of the fire or flood 

• Monitoring changes over time which, when combined with wind, weather, fuel type and topography, enables the experienced incident commander’s team to plan their attack to be most effective 

• Creating safety zones or lines which alert if a person or vehicle crosses into a dangerous area
UAV reconnaissance drones for forest fires
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