DART Track
Real Time Location & Status of All First Responders

All first responders carry a small GPS tracker to show their location and alert them when they are in a dangerous situation.

It is a legal requirement in some countries that all first responders are equipped with a portable GPS tracker and communications device, to keep them safe.

DART supports this requirement by equipping all firefighters and first responders with the cost-effective and robust DART tracker.
Intaero has developed these cost-effective, rugged trackers that function "off-grid", by using long range, LoRa transmissions. Unlike trackers which use 3G / 4G data connections, DART trackers work independantly of cell networks and do not require a monthly data plan.
They also incorporate two-way messaging and automated alerting. For example: If a fireman wanders out of sight into dense smoke, team leaders are able to monitor them and send a message to return back to the group. 

The tracker's screen displays a compass to assist the first responders in navigating difficult terrain with impaired visibility. 
DART Track software periodically sends the position and status of every team member to the team leader or incident commander, even over long distances.
If the situation changes (for example, a change of wind direction) and a first responder is in danger, they can be immediately alerted.  
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