Real Time Command & Control of
Multiple, Concurrent Disasters

How to manage information flow between different teams, within an organisation, and keep everyone in the loop?

DART Net is a server-based application which can be accessed from any computer on the internet using a web interface. DART Net equips key decision makers, including the incident commander and senior officers in headquarters, with the real time information they need.
DART Net shares real time, mission critical, information to assist decision making in the field:

• Real time streaming from cameras on drones and helicopters
• Real time outline of the area affected by a fire, flood or earthquake
• Geolocation of all assets in the field in real time including vehicles, aircraft, drones and firefighters
• Locations of people needing rescue
Supporting information of the wider picture of a disaster, plus ongoing monitoring between missions:

• Video from wildland surveillance cameras
• Monitoring smoke detectors and thermal detectors in the forest
• Legacy data from satellites
• Up to date weather reports and wind information
DART Net also displays real time information from the emergency services and data feeds of information on critical resources (both on-site and in reserve):

• Location and status of all firefighting equipment
• Local police contacts
• Local military service contacts and available resources
• The availability of beds in local hospitals
• The readiness states of helicopters and SEAT
• The locations and availability of other assets held in reserve

Network-centric operations 

DART Net is based on decades of experience integrating military systems to compile and share data from many different sources, in different formats. DART can input, analyse and display a wide range of data from multiple feeds.
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