Mobile Command Vehicles
for Wildfires and Disaster Management Teams

Intaero has developed the concept of a rapid response team to be equipped with two, rugged, all-terrain vehicles. 

The vehicles are modified for their specific roles and comprise:
• Command and Control Vehicle
• Mobile Drone Operations Centre

The Mobile Command Vehicle

Includes all the computers, systems, modems, antennae etc. to support both local communications and long-range communications back to a national or regional command centre using satellite communications or 4/5 GSM. It is equipped to serve as a mobile, operational base for the incident commander.

The Drone Operations Vehicle

Carries one VTOL drone and one hybrid RPA along with drone communications and fuel etc. The vehicle incorporates a communications interface to the command vehicle. The drone pilot and the camera operator can drive to the area affected by a fire or flood and easily move around to gain different vantage points and wider perspective.
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